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In preparation for v0.1.0 alpha GUI release

  • Fix the Blender output

  • Fix the cameras

    • alpha GUI starts lagging after about 3 cameras on a fast PC because cameras are run by threads (which compete for CPU with the GUI, vs the pre-alpha where it was all Terminal)
    • Gonna implement a smarter method of connecting to cameras that involves splitting them across separate processes
    • got some promising stuff on freemocap/fast-camera-capture, it just needs some more testing and then we can implement it in the GUI
  • Improve and validate the post processing pipeline
    • Improve, streamline and develop diagnostics for:
      • Gap-filling
        • current method - Linear interpolation
      • Filtering
        • current method - Zero-lag 4th order low-pass Butterworth filter with cut off at, like, 7Hz
      • Origin Align
        • current method - a variety of things that don't work as well as I'd like, lol
        • Try to automatically place skeleton on origin with feet on 'ground' (i.e. the XY plane)
  • Add automated test suite (via GitHub Actions)
    • for folder structure (e.g. 'completeness')
    • for accuracy of post processing pipeline (e.g. 'kinematic diagnostics')
    • for camera recording quality (e.g. 'timestamp diagnostics')
  • New architecture for v0.2.0 TUI Mothership realease
    • Simple textual/TUI mothership terminal based app that launches qt wizards for each recording/processing stage
    • built from central parameter dict/yaml/json